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Location of Mundra Port

Mundra Port location in the north of the Gulf of Kutch on the western coast of India has given it a strategic advantage along with the fact that it lies on the major global routes on the Indian Ocean. Hence, it is the ideal port for all cargo with westward global destinations of Europe, Africa, the Americas and Middle-East countries. Mundra Port location is ideal as it is only sixty kilometers from Gandhidham in Gujarat State, which is one of India’s economically and industrially developed states that has encouraged foreign direct investment to spearhead the economic progress of India, Mundra Port Zone has greatly benefitted from its location.  Connectivity of Mundra Port zone by road, rail and air and the Mundra Port location is ideal to give service to all the North and North Western states of India, scoring over other ports in India.

Mundra Port map with details of the Mundra Port Zone can be seen here

Geographically, Mundra Port location is Latitude: 22º 43’ 88’ N; Longitude: 69º 42’ 34’ E.

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